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    About Us

    HealthStream is the #1 advisor for developing people in healthcare, working with 4,000+ healthcare organizations for the past 25 years to cultivate a more competent and energized workforce. As healthcare organizations seek ways to do more with less, developing next-level people is integral to their success. HealthStream works side-by-side with healthcare organizations to ensure their people are confident, competent and credentialed, ready to execute at the highest level.

    We are committed to solving big problems in healthcare. From hospitals to long-term care and across the care continuum, there are challenges stemming from demographic changes, governmental mandates, and the need for higher care quality. HealthStream helps organizations strengthen the revenue cycle, improve care transitions, increase retention, reduce risk, plan for leadership succession, and be more compliant. What unites us is our philosophy that “every patient deserves the best possible workforce.”

    Product Information

    HealthStream’s Learning & Performance Solutions enhance organizational and staff development through effective and engaging learning experiences. By implementing contemporary, adaptive, and relevant learner-centric strategies, HealthStream helps your organization to identify and develop your top performers with personalized learning and performance management solutions. Partner with HealthStream to create an engaged and high performing healthcare workforce.
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